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    Learn strategies by watching videos when it's best for your schedule. Download resources to learn how to buy real estate as a home or passive investment.

  • Knowledge

    Explore beginner and advanced tactics from professionals with a proven track record. Topics range from being a 1st-time homebuyer to AirBnbs and investment homes.

  • Finances

    Understand the top methods for financing real estate in various locations including the best ways to run a real estate empire.


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Who Are We

We are an educational platform making real estate strategies simpler and easier to access and understand.

Issue #1: I spend hours watching videos, reading books and forums, and listening to podcasts trying to find real estate answers.

Our courses are short, simple, and watchable 24/7. They provide the answers you need to know in an easy-to-watch format along with printable resources in many cases.

Issue #2: Everyone thinks they are an expert. There’s too much information and too many opinions, so there’s no clear answer on the best strategies to use.

Each expert on our platform has been curated, which means we have verified they know what they’re talking about. They have a proven track record to support what they are teaching.

Issue #3: How do I know the strategy will work in my area or state since every location is different including the laws, taxes, you name it! 

Each real estate strategy is assigned to one curated expert for one location. You can rest assured that what you learn is only relevant to the location you desire to learn about.


"Real Estate is a Contact Sport."

Real estate has become one of the most desirable assets around the world, which is why you'll be introduced to a variety of experts and locations. You have the chance to learn how to use real estate for retirement, additional income, vacation getaways, and generational wealth building. You'll always need to know how to use a home for yourself! Let us show you how to reach your goals using easy-to-follow strategies.

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  • Official tools and tactics used by real estate professionals.

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  • Receive feedback on what to do in your specific situation.

  • Learn about a variety of locations.

  • Choose to enjoy the free content or pay for more in-depth knowledge.